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Sourcery Wire & Cable

Sourcery Wire & Cable's history began in 1983 on a simple principle: Reduce the chore of tagging and ringing out multiple conductors of building wire, fire alarm, control, data, plenum, fiber and coaxial cables installed in a single circuit. Today, Sourcery's UL-Listed bundles are well-known to reduce labor and waste. Many contractors say Sourcery's bundles reduce installation hours by 50-75%.

Sourcery's FastPull bundling options include Spiral, Cross Lace or Quick Release configurations. Wire can be Solid, Striped or Twisted. Bundles can also be configured in Parallel constructions, Breakouts or Spider applications at set intervals. Reels are labeled to minimize handling and can include the conduit, run, bundle, panel, conductor and length. Sourcery bundles can be installed in virtually any application including Copper Circuits, Data Centers, Distributed Audio, and Stadiums like these examples.

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